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During Cyber Monday, November 28, 2016 I saw a promotion that was going on to turn in my iPhone 6 and get the iPhone 7 free.  It sounded like a good idea considering that I was already due for an upgrade (which by the way when we signed up they promised FREE upgrades at the time but that was BOGUS when it came to get the upgrade).  I purchased it on the date mentioned before.  I didn't receive my Trade-in box until Dec 14 and that was the day that I packaged it and sent it.  I traded in my perfectly fine (no damages to it AT ALL) iPhone 6 because they had appraised it at $650. I even took pictures of it before putting it in the box.  It turned on and off fine and there were NO damages to the battery or anything at all.  Well with that I would've gotten my iPhone 7 for FREE, right? Wrong.  Seemed like a great idea, right? NO! On receiving my phone, I was sent me an email saying they are ONLY going to credit me $69.50 for damages that weren't on my phone when it left my possession.  Not only did they take my PERFECTLY FUNCTIONAL iPhone 6 but now they have the audacity to only give me $69.50 for it.  So I fight for my full appraisal amount, ESPECIALLY when there was nothing wrong on my part.  After the rep I spoke to said he saw on the photo of the package that there was some damage to the package itself that they were going to appeal for the initial amount appraised for and credit me $580.  After a week, I had to call in again to check on the status (of course no one was going to contact me) and they agreed to credit me the $580.  When speaking with the Verizon rep she told me it was done and went through, there would be nothing else.  No if's or maybe's about it.  I checked on and it was in my account.  I called Tuesday, January 10, 2017 morning to ask a simple question; if they could use the amount credited to me to pay off one of my devices.  Simple question.  Instead he puts me on hold FOREVER only to come back on the phone to tell me I didn't qualify for some kind of promotion because it shows I purchased on the 14th and the promotion didn't start until the 15th (WHAT?!! I purchased it during cyber Monday!!) and that they were taking the $580 BACK because there were damages to the phone AND because apparently they mistakenly told me it was final when in fact it was still in PROCESS for approval.  This seems fishy to me when I saw it, it was in my account and there was no PENDING about it the $580 was in my Verizon account.  What bothered me more was the last rep I spoke to tried to accuse me of telling him that yes the phone was damaged.  If you record each call you can rewind it and hear clearly that I never once said that.  He was unhelpful and was trying to see how he can catch me in a lie or whatever.  These are the facts: I SENT IN A PERFECT regular wear and tear iPhone 6 (with no damage to the screen because I had the expensive glass protection on it) it was rightfully appraised at $650 but instead I was given only $69.50 and a whole bunch of BS from reps. WHAT IS VERIZON GOING TO DO ABOUT THIS??!!  Not only is it wrong but it needs to be addressed NOW!! I am sick of the run around.  And very close to switching my service.

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To be honest with you I would be ticked off too. expecialy if you were promised a credit for the diffrence before..... but I dont think that credits can go towards your device payments (I might be wrong but who knows).

At this point the only thing I can really suggest is to call back in speak another rep. Explain the situation in full; that you got a new phone on cyber monday, sent in the phone not damaged, when they got it, it had damage done to it, another rep promised you a credit for it and placed that credit on your account, then another rep took the money back. It sounds like people arnt even freaking listening to your problem.

If the rep doesnt cooperate request to speak with their sup and keep esculateing until you get it resolved.
But keep in mind in verizons eyes the only thing they care about is that they recived your phone broken. It doesnt matter to them if USPS or whoever it shipped threw was the one that did it (which is stupid you would think with the value of these phones they are having us send back they would have some kind of shippers insurance on them but hey thats not my business...) Like think about it this way, if you order a tv online and you get it broken who are you going to blaim for it? the shipper or the sender? More than likely the sender because it could have been in better packageing and your also going to expect them to send you another one to fix it. i know that is a horrible analagy but its really the only one i could think of.


In short i get why they are doing what they are doing but i also understand why your mad. but i do hope they honor the credit they promised you.
Good luck.




The Trade In would have been for a iPhone 6S in order to get the iPhone 7 for "free". At least that's how the same Black Friday weekend sale was worded. Any other device would be subject to an appraisal. If you took pictures of the phone and package before you shipped it, ask for the pictures of the device they are claiming is worth so little and compare the two sets of pictures. If necessary appeal the appraisal with the trade in department.

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