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Authorized Retailer Refuses to Exchange New Device that Tech Support says should be

What do I do?

Verizon keeps telling me that under their agreement with all authorized retailers that they must return a new defective Note 9 I just got last friday on launch day. The device has multiple issues with service interruption as well as dead pixels on the screen. The Auth. Ret. says its a crack, [nothing visible on a black screen, only white or bright, my salesman even put notes in account that phone is in immaculate condition], tech support used tech coach app and remote controlled the phone for diagnostics and found dead pixels] Furthermore the corporate store says its not a cracked screen and so does tech support. Basically the Auth Ret refuses to return it because they are bad businessmen.

The corporate store wont exchange it because they didnt sell it. I'm under the 14 day worry free trial but they say its damaged and doesnt count. I has able to obtain the contact info of the person over authorized stores in my area [the liaison so to speak between stores and verizon] and he is dragging his feet in helping, so basically not helping.

I am very upset as I purchased 2 brand new notes for my fiance and I as well as a jetpack on the same day when we preordered the new Note 9. I have been trying since Monday to resolve this issue.

Verizon is refusing to help other than looking at the phone. The Auth Ret store manager is absolutely refusing to help. She also refused contact request with the store owner to fie a compliant. So the store owner is apparently a really bad businessman.

Whats my remedy? Court? Better Business Bureau? I feel like I have been robbed

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Re: Authorized Retailer Refuses to Exchange New Device that Tech Support says should be
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Non corporate stores are the absolute worst. They lie to get a sale, shove tablets on people for "free" and jack up the price to get that extra $10 from a customer. Disgusting to say the least.

My suggestion is to either find another store of the same brand or contact Samsung directly since Verizon just offers a service, not make phones.