Attempting to avoid long distance charges, skype question


In case this looks weird, I mostly copy-pasted my question from the Skype forums...

I have a Razr MAXX with unlimited 4g plan, 450 minute, 1000 text.

I recently realized my cell phone's verizon plan minutes covered US numbers and not northern america (my stupidity) about $260 too late. So I'm trying to set up a skype account to call from an American android based phone with the skype app to a Canadian non-smartphone without the skype app.

The information is very convoluted and confusing. I can't tell if skype uses my data plan/wifi or my plan's minutes. I understand that I can get a US/CAN plan for $3/month (unlimited minutes correct?) but my friend is under the impression that it still uses my carrier's minutes in ADDITION to the skype charges, which makes no sense and would just appear a scam, is it possible it treats the call as a local call while on skype?

If skype uses data and not carrier minutes then I'd be happy, as I have an unlimited 4g plan. I've tried searching the FAQ's, and googling the answer but I can't find an answer. Anyone? Thanks.

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