Re: Are you tired of this greedy company

I talk to people all the time who are unhappy with Verizon, and when I come to this forum, I find more, but for whatever reason, they keep their service and continue to complain about it. Verizon understands that people are always going to complain. But nothing's going to change until people make the change. As far as other companies springing up which someone suggested, it's going to be difficult for the smaller or newer companies to catch up with or pass Verizon. Verizon is an innovator. They expand their services, put a lot of money into new technology, new ideas, and they overcharge you for their services. You are paying for all this new technology. I switched from Verizon cell phone to AT&T. I am a loyal AT&T customer. We've had their internet in the past and it was an excellent service. We can't get it now where we live. We both have AT&T cell phones now. They provide a good service, treat their customers right, and are less expensive. But what I wanted to say is if you change companies, do your homework first and make sure you won't be paying more for the same services. The smaller companies don't have all the money that Verizon does so it's hard for them to compete. But generally they will give you better service at a lower price.

We have joined this forum for a while to try to keep up to date with the fast moving computer technology. There is new technology all the time. Someone recommended WiFi xFinity. I checked it out but it only works with a mobile device. We're looking for an internet service for our desktop PC with an electric cord that plugs into the old fashioned wall (remember those days?). Thanks for the suggestion but it won't work for us but it may work for someone else. We don't have cable or land line phones where we live now. Just satellite and cell phones. If anyone has any other suggestions we will look into it. I'm sure something else will come along some time. Thanks.