Anybody else not a Verizon customer getting nowhere w/Verizon identity theft unit


I am not a Verizon Wireless customer.  I was, but I changed over in 2011 because the coverage with another carrier was better than where we previously lived for 17 years.  We are middle aged, fiscally very conservative and sound, and expected no problems whatsoever when my husband decided to retire in June and for us to move out of state, selling our real property and buying our dream home in the place we choose to retire.  We had a regular monthly credit report company but last summer they stopped offering the low cost arrangement our credit card offered years ago.  We lost a family member after a six month decline and had no reason to believe anything was wrong.  My husband ordered up his report and score and was way up as we expected.  I then ordered mine and I fell off my chair (literally).  My score had dropped by one hundred points because someone opened a Verizon Wireless account last October in my name, ran up the account to more than a thousand dollars, and bailed.  Supposedly, it was sent to collections but since the phone seems to have been ordered in New York and I haven't lived there since 1970 (as a kid), I knew it wasn't me.  I went through all of the required steps, wrote my dispute out, sent proof of my police report, complained to the Federal Trade Commission, and spoke to a representative named Justin who confirmed that it was clear it was not my account (he could not legally give me more at that time but that should no longer apply).  I get an e-mail that gives me a report number and tells me to sit tight, basically.

Crickets chirping.

A few days ago, I get an e-mail from the previously very helpful Justin that says something to the effect of "oh, that's just a collection account.  All is good! Bye!!"  Wait, what?  I can't get the e-mail to let me reply so I wait for the new reports to come out, expecting that my fully documented case of identity theft will be resolved.

It is now a month and when I ordered my three reports and score for the new quarter, voila!  MY SCORE ACTUALLY WENT DOWN MORE!!!!!!

I am on my 4th call today, and taking screenshots every five minutes I wait.  After more than two hours of being lied to "your representative will be with you in a few brief moments), I am ready to go off the grid or start collecting names and contacts of those who are not customers of Verizon Wireless whose identity has been stolen because I believe we are not restricted from filing a class action suit because we have no contractual relationship with Verizon Wireless.

Okay...after more than 30 minutes on call 4, I was patched through to the Fraud Department to a representative named Greg.  He patiently listened to my rant about how horrible their internal phone system is, he remained completely cool and calm, I calmed down, confirmed that I know he is not the problem nor can he effectuate any major changes, he took my number in case we were disconnected (which, surprisingly, we were not) and an hour later the fraudulent account has been closed out, my credit reports will be corrected, and I will receive information with which to pursue the harm the thief committed.

There has to be an easier way and I will remind these companies that ignoring or pissing off the victims didn't do the Roman C. Church any good either.  It is unfair that there are those who seem to believe anything they can get away with is okay and that companies who employ people etc get ripped off, but as the collateral damage victim, I can't spread out my losses.  I urge Verizon Wireless to make it a priority to service all identity theft victims, especially since some of the thefts come from Verizon Wireless employees.  Otherwise, they are creeping ever closer to a huge, huge lawsuit.

Thank you Greg at Verizon Wireless Fraud Division.

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Re: Anybody else not a Verizon customer getting nowhere w/Verizon identity theft unit


Nope , Verizon does not care! they just want there money! 

Be careful! If you have Verizon and It is just your name on your account, if you add a friend or girlfriend , they can say they are you and take the phones off your account, and you are held responsible! !  I was told if someone says they are you We can't dispute that with who ever is calling or at the Verizon location!!?????  So now I have 2 $275 early termination fees, and 2 Iphone 5's gone! and stuck with a $800 Verizon Wireless bill!!!???!!?? Never GET A CONTRACT!!! if you feel you must have Verizon I suggest PRE PAID!!! or Get a different carrier , one that will make sure you are protected! By law they are suppose to protect our identities and Phones and its service! THEY DON"T!!!!!

Bye Bye Verizon, Hello AT&T 🙂  they helped me out so much when I told them what happened! AT&T will watch your back! I am so glad I found a Wireless company that is actually there for their customers!!!

Thank You AT&T

Eric. C