Any place to report Verizon dead zones?


The network strength in my neighborhood is fairly terrible and I'm getting weary of paying for a premium service without premium results.

The signal strength in my driveway is currently -140 dBm. Worse inside my house. A half mile down the road outside the grocery store it's -123. Inside the grocery store the signal is non-existent. No hope of making a phone call or even sending a text message to ask if there's anything else my wife needs.

We're not in a valley, or behind a hill, or anything like that. Coverage just isn't good.

It's been this way for at least a few years. I got a network extender to see if it would help. It kind of did, when I had a Galaxy S4, but as a 3G only device it doesn't work well with a 4G Galaxy S7. Only fix seems to be to turn off advanced calling and doing that cripples my S7 more than I really like, especially when I'm on the road.

So..any place to report where if the question is still in 2016 "Can you hear me now" and the answer is a resounding No?

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Re: Any place to report Verizon dead zones?

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I would suggest you activate the wifi calling available on your Samsung Galaxy S7 and use that instead of your network extender. This should alleviate any problems you would have within your home. If your grocery store has wifi, it would also work there if you were logged into their wifi.