Another Slow LTE Question....


After reading several of these forum threads I'm starting to come to the conclusion that at certain times in certain areas Verizon just cannot keep up with the data demand. However, this may be a false assumption so this is what I will elaborate on it a little;

  • I Recently switched to the unlimited plan a few months ago
  • Initially, the speeds were decent at all times of the day.
  • In mid June, the speeds started to decrease over a few weeks and now I cannot even load the google home page during the day (peak hours)
  • At night, after ~2:00 am the speeds are back to what I would call normal for my area.
  • I do live pretty deep in the woods and my signal is fairly low. However at night the signal is the same (4G LTE) and it works fine
  • This is true on multiple phones
  • When I drive into town closer to the cell tower, the speed is fine
  • none of this was an issue for the past 5 years until now.

This brings up a few questions that I hope someone can answer.

  1. If I switch back to a "Limited" plan will my speeds go up? (the unlimited plan is worthless to me at these speeds)
  2. If the answer to number 1 in no, does this sound like a tower capacity issue? Or an artificial limitation from data "optimization"?
  3. Does the cell tower prioritize data demands for people closer to the tower first?

Any information would be helpful and much appreciated

Thank you,


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Re: Another Slow LTE Question....

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On the Unlimited plan, while you'll remain on 4G, data may be prioritized on a number after that specific line has used over 22 GB for the billing cycle, meaning that if the tower is congested with a lot of traffic, other consumers could be given data priority. A limited, but larger than 22 GB, data plan would avoid us (until you hit its limit of course, at which point it would either switch to the far slower safety mode, or incur overage charges).

The new Verizon Plan Unlimited FAQs | Verizon Wireless

However, if you haven't used 22 GB on that line for the billing cycle, or if the issue ahs persisted through billing cycles, you may have a different issue.