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I decided to get the iPhone 6s+ today. My dad has had blocked me from upgrading but around noon eastern standard time he had re added to me as account manager. He txt me after saying I was all set. Later on when arriving at the apple store we started doing the upgrade and now It says there is a event where it saying there is a note on the account when if there was a note it was removed. My dad since has just gone to verizon wireless corporate in NY and re added me to be a account manager and to remove any notes if any off the account. Right before I called him your dumb system automatically decided to remove me as a authorized user. So I am pissed off. You obviously had a screw up on  your end and I've been here longer than I should be. This is getting to be a headache. If it means you need to retrain that department or do something on your end I would appreciate it. I will be reaching out to the better business bureau and reporting this because this is unheard of. So yea GOODBYE.

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Re: Analyze Review
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Do you live at the same address as your father?  If not, separate zip codes can be an issue since you might be getting a device in one state and the account is billed in another state.

Re: Analyze Review
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We’d be sad to see you leave the Verizon Wireless family, rysdjservice014391. I want to make sure that you’re able to get the latest and greatest device. Was your father able to get you authorized on the account? Were you able to get your phone line upgraded? Your father would always be able to get you authorized by logging on to his My Verizon:; Please keep us posted.


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