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Alternatives to the misleading 'unlimited' plan?


Ok so I have the Unlimited plan, talk text and data. I have a Jetpack and a smart phone. My monthly bill is about $120.

After I exceed so many gb of data, both on my phone and through the jetpack, my speeds are reduced to 3g speeds. after another number of gb of data, I'm 'deprioritized' and my speeds are reduced to nothing. It's literally unusable. I don't mean so slow I have to wait a bit, I mean actually LITERALLY unusable. Some websites load extremely slowly, some won't load at all. I cannot stream download / upload simple images to facebook or imgur.

verizon speed.png

This speed test was taken using the Verizon speed test. This is pathetic, and this was only a few days into my billing cycle. Why am I paying for internet that I can't use 75% of the month, despite it being advertised as 'unlimited'? My data is clearly being limited in several different ways.

I use a lot of data. I'm on my computer all the time. As an artist I make my money through streams and social media, and I have to be online to do so, with reasonably fast speeds. I don't mind paying extra for unlimited data to not worry about going over. I don't mind paying extra for better service. I don't even mind paying extra for faster speeds. At this point I'm not getting any of these things.

Now here's my question. Can I pay more to not have my speeds reduced to 3g? Can I pay more to not be 'deprioritized'? Can I pay more to not have my internet limited? Can I pay more to have a truly Unlimited plan?

To be honest I shouldn't have to pay more to get the service that I'm ALREADY paying for. I shouldn't have to, but I'm willing to. Because right now I'm paying a lot for a service that I'm not getting.

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Re: Alternatives to the misleading 'unlimited' plan?


Switch to a tiered plan where you pay for all of the data you use and you won't be de-prioritized.


Re: Alternatives to the misleading 'unlimited' plan?

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Which unlimited pan do you have specifically. Anyways you do NOT get slowed down after a specific amount data unless you are using hotspot( and on the Beyond Unlimited or Verizon Unlimited plan ) then it's 15 GB which you are slowed down to a MAX of 600 Kbps. if you are on Go Unlimited it's 600 kbps from the start. In any case this is spelled out on the plan page so no it's not misleading. Here's an idea get REAL internet and no expect a wireless carrier to be home internet which it is not intended for.


Re: Alternatives to the misleading 'unlimited' plan?

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You're 1 of 150million customers. Why should I have to deal with slow data on my 2GB plan because of data hogs? That's what my Comcast service is for.

Carrier data was never intended to replace a home internet connection.