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My phone got wet and I want to put my number on my old phone.  I put in all the required numbers to activate the phone.  It keeps saying cannot process try again later. I have been waiting 9 hours already.  I do not understand why it will not activate. What should I do?  I really need the phone. I can't afford to wait three days to see if my other phone will dry out.

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Re: Activate Phone

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Sorry to hear about your phone. You don't say in your post whether you're trying to activate a new phone or an existing phone you already own. Either way If you're trying to do it online and you are the account owner, then go to www.verizonwireless.com/selfserve and click on the link for Activate My New or Existing Phone.


If it's an existing phone you're trying to activate double check the phone's ESN/MEID number. The ESN and MEID number are found on the back of the phone in a barcode. You will have to pull the battery from the phone to see it, but the barcode is not the one on the battery. The ESN number is in one of two formats: decimal (11 digits) and hexadecimal (8 digits that include letters). An MEID is 14 digits that includes numbers and letters and usually begins with the letter "A" followed by six zeros and more numbers and letters.


Another way to activate an existing phone is to call *228 from the phone you want to activate, press option 3 when prompted, enter your phone number when prompted and follow the instructions to activate. If it fails, it may mean that there is some feature on your on your new phone that conflicts with a feature on your old phone. In that case the call should route you automatically to customer service so they can assist you. If that doesn't work, then just call customer service at 800-922-0204 from a different phone then the one you want to activate.