With all the stink about these new data plan changes that the CFO announced.  There are several questions that I need answered in the next 48 to 72 hours and not by some forum moderator who thinks they have all the answers.

1. Are those of us who are paying for 4G unlimited data right now going to lose it when the new "Shared Data Plans" roll out?

2. If so, are the data caps going to rise without the prices getting jacked up through the roof to the point that nobody can use or afford to have it at all?

3. My girlfriend is currently on a 3G unlimited data plan, If we were to upgrade her in the next few days, would I have to put her in a tiered plan, or an unlimited one like I have now?

4. If I do lose these abilities that are paid for, I do plan on jumping ship to another carrier, Are you going to waive the early disconnect fee since you are the ones that violate my agreement / contract with you? (It's by no means my fault that you have become a bunch of greedy bastards that do not care about any of your paying customers even-though our payments are on time and the check clears each month.)

5. Why is it you screw over your existing customer base every time a new iPhone is due?

6. Since you do like raping us so much, would it be too much to give us some lube next time? ( Hell, it's not like you can't afford it)

7. (This is not a question, but a little disclaimer). The thoughts represented here are some of those that are being expressed all over the internet about how crappy this once great company has gotten, and why alot of longtime customers, individuals, family plan customers, and corporate customers are either bailing out or are ready to bail out in the immediate future.

Personally speaking, I have been with your company for almost 2 decades now either as the main customer, or as a supplemental line on other accounts.Before that I was with Sprint for almost 5 years. I remember when there was barely 2G, and the original Motorola RAZR was state of the art.   I have sold your products at a major electronics retailer. I was with that company for almost 5 years. I currently work for a company that is going to be leaving you should this actually happen since they use massive amounts of data on over 240 blackberry devices over 11 states. My plans are to look to see who has the best deal for my 2 lines and the features I want for them should you either not answer in the time allotted, or should I not like your answers. I do not like being under a contract that is legally binding on both parties, but one seems to think that they can do anything they want at any time. (Although I will get that from anyone, but Verizon is no longer the "least of the evils" and haven't been in a very long time.

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Oh man, thanks for the nice big laugh. I understand being concerned about the possibility that you might get screwed, but you won't get these answers because nobody knows them. Even if you talk to the CEO they wouldn't be able to tell you because they are still determining what they want to do and what plans they are going to offer. Also, per the customer agreement you agreed to '

Can Verizon Wireless Change This Agreement or My Service?

We may change prices or any other term of your Service or this agreement at any time,but we'll provide notice first, including written notice if you have Postpay Service. If you use your Service after the change takes effect, that means you're accepting the change. If you're a Postpay customer and a change to your Plan or this agreement has a material adverse effect on you, you can cancel the line of Service that has been affected within 60 days of receiving the notice with no Early Termination Fee if we fail to negate the change after you notify us of your objection to it.' So yeah, if they do force you to change mid contract you can cancel w/out the etf. But more likely they will not force you to change until you are out of contract (or upgrade).

I do agree that them forcing people off of the unlimited could suck. But all the rage is totally unwarranted right now. It hasn't happened and there is no promise that it will happen. Be adults, state your concerns and if the plans don't provide what you want then go to a different carrier.