A ray of hope for data users (not so much really)


    Something that has not been mentioned during the 'brisk' discussion over new data plans,capped data, data bandwidth consumption is as follows: Recently there have been rumors circulating that certain large data-centric service providers (names omitted in fairness but fill in the blanks yourself ) such as music services or data storage services and even streaming video services are lobbying to have THEIR service exempted from data caps. Now we all know how to view things we read on the net, (with seasoning) but these claims are not without foundation. If and when any such agreements emerge, it would amount to collusion,so maybe the legal suits have already shot it down. But it also would exemplify the erosion of net neutrality. Right now the major cable companies are under investigation for possibly restricting or throttling online video services to favor their own when delivered through their pipes. If any such lobbying efforts succeed then both vz and the content providers will use it as a selling point, and again smaller businesses will suffer. Right now an open internet is our primary protection from total exploitation by multinational corporations. Censorship of free expression cannot be tolerated,and what little free market we have is not protected by total deregulation. The market must be open to our needs and demand pressures and not just there for the manipulation of the uber rich. The internet (data highway) is an important addition to out modern lives and it should remain affordable, after all, most people don't know that the telecoms actually lease the spectrum from us to begin with, adding to that taxpayer subsidies for infrastructure development and paying our bill, we are more important to the overall debate than we're given credit for. People in Europe don't stand for things like this. vz is in business for a profit, but let's push back for our own benefit otherwise we lose. Life can only flourish with BALANCE.

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