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1x service in typical 4g area

For the last two weeks our cellular coverage has gone down hill where I live.  Given that Verizon is what I have to use for Internet service, it really is not worth the $400 a month I spend on this company.  It would be nice to have a link or an app or something that I can report coverage issues when this happens.

So any ideas beside griping in this forum that will get Verizon's attention to check the towers near my home?

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Re: 1x service in typical 4g area
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If you call tech support, they will open what they call a 'resolution ticket' and supposedly have a tech physically go to your area and test the network (apparently) I have opened a few of those in the past since I experienced a down hill experience as well. I have learned though as long as you have a signal...whether it be 3g, 4g, 1x, full bars or minimal bars, they consider it no issue as long as you have any signal. Their explanation for low signal or slow speeds is network traffic that was supposed to be resolved by their branded "XLTE" additional bandwidth that is not necessarily rolled out everywhere. Essentially, there is always an excuse for poor coverage per Verizon. After moving to the town I am in 2 years ago and experiencing a decline in overall network speed and reliability, I would say it is unlikely you will see any improvement any time soon. Hate to sound like a pessimist, but after several device exchanges, different models and every trouble shooting technique you can think of, the fact that nothing improved revealed its just not that great of a network.

Re: 1x service in typical 4g area
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In Iowa the "X" in XLTE stands for extra slow.