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time sending text message to the customers

I got a text message with loud signal  at midnight  12/17/2013.  the text message sounds made me awaken,looked the text , It was not so important message enough to make some one wake up.    would you please  control  message sending  time on verizon  for  your high ranking customers?   thaks.

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Re: time sending text message to the customers
Customer Support

Hi suppert!

I understand how important it is to get good sleep! There are many ways to personalize your device so this doesn't happen again. Was the message from Verizon Wireless, or was it a message you received from another party? Depending on the model device you have, you may have the option to change notification sounds/volume. If you don't want to bother in changing the settings, you have the option to use Family Base, to set up when you want to use messaging, and when you don't. Check it out here:

Thank you,

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Re: time sending text message to the customers
Sr. Member

If you don't want to get awakened by text messages then turn the sound down or set it to vibrate, they gave volume control to you "high ranking customers"