Wrong date and time on received text messages


When I receive a text message from someone in the same time zone that I am in, the date will be correct but the time will be 5 hours ahead of what the actual time is.


What can I do to correct this so I can see the actual time the text message was sent to me?



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Re: Wrong date and time on received text messages

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Hmm... maybe someone texting you is doing some time travelling? :smileywink:


You're not saying the message is being delayed by 5 hours between the time when the sender hits send and it ultimately arrives on your phone, right? You're saying that if we're both in the same time zone and it's 10:05:55 when I send it and it's 10:06:00 when you receive it but the time stamp on the message actually says 15:06:00, correct?


It sounds like you will need to contact technical support.  It's possible that your phone has a known software bug that might be corrected by a new software version. Otherwise VZW will probably end up filing a trouble ticket to investigate further. When you call, it would be helpful if you could give the rep a couple of recent examples of such messages: the time and date and the mobile number that originated the message.


Contact technical support from a different phone, have yours with you, at 800-922-0204 or *611 from a different VZW mobile.