When do online plan changes take effect?

I just upgraded one of my lines'  txt packages from 250 to unlimited m2m +500 because it was getting close to the max. I was under the impression that the upgrade would take effect immediately (the way they have it set up makes it look that way at least). Under my plan info it shows that I have the higher package now, but when I look at my usage, it still shows that I've used 223 out of the allowed 250 (I didn't realize they count outgoing messages too, my bad). Does anybody know when this change will take effect? I don't actually have to wait until the billing cycle ends, do I?
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Re: When do online plan changes take effect?

When doing the change, did you backdate or pick a date your changes?

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It sounds like you selected the option to make it take effect immediately. The billing system will calculate the usage in relationship to what you've already used (proration) meaning youi'll only have a partial allowance of th e500 out of network messages between the day you changed it up to the end of your billing cycle. So the biling  system does this math: 500 (messages allowed) / 30 (days in the month) = X amount. X amount * # of days remaining in bill cycle. This will tell you how much the billing syystem is allowing.



(To further explain: The X amount is the amount of messages it gives you each DAY out of that month. And when you multiply that by the days remaining it will tell how much it going to give you. You can tell how much it has allowed by lookng at your allowance up to the date you changed it.)




For a more clear explanation y ou can call customer support.

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