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I am having same problem with my Fire HD 8...originally when I installed the app @ a year ago, I was given a numeric authorization code and all went well. I recently uninstalled and re installed the app after an update seemed to be creating I can't re-install because the tablet cannot read the QR code (only option for authorization)....I even printed the code on paper and tried to scan it in...No luck. very frustrating . I am not a novice at scanning codes but this is not an option for the Fire Tablets. Desktop  and Laptop app both use numeric codes , why not tablet app?

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My first reply should have said 'TRIED' to re-install app after uninstalling....


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Hi, This is my third Kindle Fire, it is a Fire HD. I have used the Verizon text messaging on the first two.

Finally downloaded the Verizon app twice on my new Fire HE 10. Like so many others , scanning the  QR code with the Fire HD tablet just does not work.  I can get downloaded scan apps to work but not the Verizon code. Even tried to scan a print out.  After trying everything suggested in this thread, my question is why can't Verizon simply provide a DIGITAL CODE?

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Same problem here.  Tablet is Samsung SM-T700.  Message+ version 6.7.7.  Camera and QR code were perfectly stationary and focused, no glare on screen.

...have tried un-installing and re-installing the app.  Have tried multiple  QR codes.  Have tried printing the QR code and scanning the paper copy.  Have tried holding the code at various angles and distances from the camera.

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I use the Verizon messages app on my Kindle fire 7th generation.  I don't know anything about the QR code. I also have sideloaded mine with Google.  I believe I downloaded the app prior to having Google installed on my Fire from the Amazon App store.  It just syncs to your phone with a simple verification.  I would think if you have the Google Play installed you could also download it there.  Just search for it.  I have the Verizon message + app on my phone, Kindle, and laptop.  Wonderful to stay connected no matter what device!!


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Obviously you installed Message+ prior to Oct 2018 update. It installed and worked fine on my tablet, Fire HD 8, until I uninstalled and tried to re-install after that update. Uninstall and try to reload it and you'll see what we are all talking about in this thread...


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Verizon Employee

We definitely want to make sure you are able to use the Message Plus app on your Tablet without any problems, gmuhl. We are always here to help. I appreciate all the steps you have already taken to get the app working.

Just to be clear, is this a Samsung Tab S that you purchased through VZW? Do you currently have an active account with VZW? Are you able to use the Message Plus app on your cell phone? Is this the first time you are using Message Plus on your Tablet?

Let’s make sure you are going through all the steps. Once the Message Plus app is installed on the Tablet, open it. If prompted, read and accept the Terms & Conditions, and Tap Start Messaging. If desired, edit the nickname for the device. Enter the mobile number (here you need to enter the mobile number of the cell phone you are using, not the mobile number associated with the Tablet). If a prompt appears requesting camera access for Message+ tap OK. The app needs access to the camera because it will be scanning a QR code to activate the tablet. If a prompt appears asking to “Allow Message+ to take pictures and record video” tap Allow.

Open the Message+ app on the smartphone and open the message with the QR code. Scan the QR code with the tablet. Wait a few moments for the code verification. If desired, add name and avatar, or select I don’t want a public profile.

If you are still unable to get the Message Plus app working on your Tablet, please reply to the Direct Message I sent you, so I may further assist you. I’m confident we can get this working for you.


If my response answered your question please click the _Correct Answer_ button under my response. This ensures others can benefit from our conversation. Thanks in advance for your help with this!!


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Same issue here Fire HD 10 with Google play, never scans the qr code.

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First of all, thank you so much for replying to my email.  I have been a

very, very satisfied Verizon customer for years and your reply reaffirms my

confidence that I will be helped and satisfied.

I am on a Samsung Galaxy Tab A and on the Android Version 7.1.1. I did not

purchase it thru Veriozon. I have had the Message Plus installed on my

Pixel cell phone and on this Tablet for a few years with never a problem.

A few weeks ago, my cell phone began ringing on my tablet (don't know how

that happened.) I did not want that feature on my tablet and could not find

in the Messge Plus settings how to disable it except to uninstall and

install Message Plus back on.  That is when my frustration began with the

QR Code.

When I install the app I get the window asking for my cell number and when

I do that and click on next I get the message that I will get a QR code

that needs to be scanned.  I get the QR Code, align it with my camera lens

on the tablet. I can see it in the scan and the bar going up and down and

nothing happens.  I have tried this so many times, I can't tell you. I

enlarge the QR code to scan and I even try it not enlarged and nothing.  I

called Verizon Tech Support about three weeks ago and have had a very nice

Verizon tech by the name of Jared help me. He is the one that expanded on

the directions with the camera etc.  This has been to no avail however.

Last week I went to a Verizon Owned store and a tech there could not help

me.  He said I had to do a reset of my Samsung Tablet and if that did not

work that meant that it was a software issue and my tablet was not  up to

date.  That, to me did not make sense at all. I thanked him and I left.  I

do not get nasty but I do not believe he was very knowledgeable.

I do not get to the part in the app that you mention below about "camera

access prompt or "allow Message+" to take pictures and record video.  I do

not get to the section you mention about add name or "I don't want a public


I am attaching in sequence the windows/instructions I get when I open the

Messenger Plus app on my tablet.

Please, if you need to talk to me I can be reached on my cell phone at

[removed]. I do work and can only take a call when I am not assisting a


Messenger Plus has been my text app of preference as I love the syncing to

multiple device feature.  Your help is greatly appreciated.  I will remain



Risa [removed]

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Obviously, tech support is not reading these posts completely or all we are getting is automated responses. If some one at support would be bold enough to try and install the application on their own tablet they would see the problem.Think outside the box, people!!!