Unreasonable pain!


I find the practice of not allowing pictures, ringtones, and sounds to be emailed to phone to be unreasonable. I just had two phones replaced under warranty, and my old phone would accept my email sounds and pics. I spoke with Vanessa from customer service (I did find her very very helpful she rocks!) and after she consulted the data department I was informed that I am no longer allowed to email my phone with pictures or ringtones/sounds. I find this unreasonable and unacceptable. I understand that Verizon would like us as consumers to purchase ringtones, sounds, and pictures from verizon's access manager. Due to the fact that verizon is not going to carry my family and childrens pictures, or their voices for sounds and ringtones; I find this ridiculous. I spend $200+ a month for a family plan. That is $2400 a year. (for the mods this is vague so tech. not personal info...because its not dead on) I believe for the amount that I am paying I should be able to email my childrens photos to decorate my phone as I please. This is something that cannot be purchased at Verizon's access manager, and frankly it is unfair to us as consumers who want to personalize the phones that we pay plenty of money for. Along with the amount I pay every month I also purchased two of our phones for around $150. That is $300 with a two year contract paying $2400 a year. My husband has been with Verizon for 9 years, and I have been with them for 6 years. We have never had this problem previously, and I find it disappointing of Verizon to implement.


I would like Verizon to remove the data block, and allow us to continue to send our pictures and sounds of our loved ones to our phones. Aside from being a necessity; cell phones should also be able to be personalized. There are some things that Verizon cannot sell us, and that is our family. We shouldn't have to beforced to go out and buy a USB for the SD cards when we didn't have to before!!! Its become a pain I should have just kept my old phone. Funny how I got the new replacements last week, and I was able to email my phone and then they shut it off so now I can't! I can't even send a pic to my phone now even though it is within size! Any way to get around this or am I stuck having a generic phone with generic stuff I can only get with the VZ Manager/Paying for the USB adapter?

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