Texting someone who lives in Puerto Rico?


I would like to text a close friend who lives in Puerto Rico, but I'm trying to figure out if this will be charged on my bill or not. I have the 700 minuted plan with Unlimited texting. I'm seeing lots of different answers. Someone it said texts sent to the US, Canada, Puerto Rico, and Us Virgin Islands is considered Domestic. But I need to be absolutely sure about this. My dad would kill me if I charged a lot to our bill. Does anyone have information on this?


Would be nice to get an answer on this :/

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Re: Texting someone who lives in Puerto Rico?


Sending a text message from the U.S. to your international friends has never been easier. All you have to do is determine if the non-U.S. mobile number you are trying to send a message to is accessible through a participating international carrier. Then simply create your message and send. There is a charge of $0.25 per address for every text message you send and $0.20 for every text message you receive. These text messages do not qualify for Friends and Family or any other messaging bundle, feature, promotion or offer.

You can also

visit  http://b2b.vzw.com/international/Text_Messaging/index.html