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When reviewing your bill...whether on paper OR online is it possible to see the number you sent a text message to?  And if you recieve a text message from someone is it possible to see on the bill what number it came from?  Someone sent me their new number and didn't put the number in my contacts and deleted it!!  I have no way of getting ahold of this person except through their new cell number!  Please help!  :smileysad:
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Here are some options to view the text message information you're looking for:



Through My Verizon account:


1.)  Once logged in, click on My Services


2.) To the left of this page, there should be a My Usage in a black menu area


3.) After going to My Usage, look for the link undery our Overall message details (should be a chart), click the link saying "Messaging Details"


4.) From here you can view your message details regarding numbers text messaged and messages received that you've done in the current month you're in.





Note: For billed information, you can go to My Bill and then go to Bill details. From there, you can click on "Message Details" and you'll be able to see information for messages from your previous bill cycle. Text message details are not availabe via printed bill. The online account would be the only true route to go.







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