TERRIBLE.. Can't Block both Text Messages AND Premium Messages


I was informed by Customer Service I can't block both text messages and premium messages on the phone line.  I have 3 phone lines and have been a Verizon Customer for what must now be 6+ years.  On two of the lines I pay for the text messaging service and on one of the lines is for my mother who just wants the phone to use for phone calls.  She doesn't WANT ANY messages and does not want to be FORCED TO PAY for messages she doesn't want.   I had blocked her Text messages previously.  but when one of the other lines was dinged for a premium message (the person who uses it says she never signed the phone number for anything, and i'm more inclined to believe her than the company who is always willing to blame the customer first).    So when i called to complain about the about the premium message, the rep informed me that verizon has just recently added a premium message block.  i said that's about time and great news to hear.   so i asked the rep to put the block on ALL my lines..  because i don't want those messages.  


My mother just started receiving SPAM emails to her phone.  and now I'm being FORCED to pay for them.   when i talked to the rep to explain the situation, she says i'm basically out of luck. i can only block one of the two.  my mother only touches her phone to talk to family.  NEVER uses data.  She can barely use the laptop i gave her to pay for bills online.  and yes, i've gone to options and put block emails to my phone and any internet mails to her phone under myservices. 


the rep was VERY RUDE.  she basically told me block all text messages and potentially get premium messages where i will get hit with a big bill OR block premium and be forced to pay the 20c per text message.   so i'm trying to figure out which gun to blow my head off with, she kept badgering every 2 seconds.. well sir... which is it?  which is it?  i told her i need a moment to decided... and she kep asking anyway... TERRIBLE service.   i almost switched carriers when my contract ran out last time.  I DEFINITELY have one foot out the door now. 


 is this a KNOWN problem? 


i tried to search for the forums, but only came up with threads with either problem not both. 


and if the only response is that this happen with all carriers...  then customers should file a class action lawsuit.  if they can block text messages, and they can block premium messages.. seperately, they SHOULD have the technology to block BOTH. 




ugh.. so upset..  but i HATE the idea that i'm being forced to pay for a "service" that is not wanted. 

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Re: TERRIBLE.. Can't Block both Text Messages AND Premium Messages

The standard text messaging block will block ALL text, picture, video messages, including Premium text messages. You were misinformed. The premium block is a separate block that was created to still allow customers the option of text messaging while blocking Premium SMS, but the regular text block will stop ALL messages. If you are still receiving charges for Premium SMS after the block was placed it is more than likely due to not cancelling the subscriptions prior to adding the block.