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As others have complained about violent and/or threatening text and video messages being sent to teenagers cell phones, I have the same problem. However, I have a suggestion that would help keep this situation under control.


I don't need to restrict my daughter's voice calls, but I would like her to be able to receive text/photo messages ONLY from family and specific friends as required. She doesn't get many legitimate messages so we don't need to spend the money on a monthly plan.


Here's what I suggest: Please set up a method by which we can specifically restrict text messages so that they can only reach my daughter's phone from a specific set of numbers. I've looked at the current settings, and getting something like this to work would be cumbersome if not impossible. Currently the text message restrictions are bundled with the calling restrictions-- I DON'T WANT THAT-- or I can restrict incoming text messages from specific numbers-- I DON'T WANT THAT EITHER, as it is exactly the opposite of what I need


So, Verizon Wireless technical people, please give me an option whereby I can exclusively INCLUDE a set of numbers (up to 25 should do me fine, but I'm sure other users may need up to 50) that I can allow my daughter to get text/photo/video messages from, and EXCLUDE ALL OTHERS. It should NOT affect the voice function of the phone at all.


In other words, if a text message from an unauthorized number tries to get to my daughter's cell phone, that message does not get through, no fee is charged to my account, and the sender might receive a message that he is not allowed to send messages to that phone number (I'd request that if it is spam or a violent message that you make the sender's phone explode, but that is probably beyond your current technical capabilities.)


That way I don't have to pay for a monthly text plan, and at the same time she can receive the few text messages we need to send her without worring about those horrid anonymous violent text messages that seem to come once a month or so.


P.S.-- Please make this a free option.

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Re: Suggestion for text message setting

I know you want something free and that doesnt effect her calls. The only thing Verizon Wireless has available is Usage Controls, which is a $4.99/month feature. It would allow you the setup up to 20 trusted numbers that she can send and recieve txt from. You can check it out here: Usage Controls: https://wbillpay.verizonwireless.com/vzw/nos/uc/uc_overview.jsp