Old Txt Msg merging to end of new ones?


I have old text messages from days ago merging to new ones?  the other person also uses Verizon in another state, but it only happens from mine going there.  It often starts with a messed up word and cuts off the end of my new message and adds part of an old message?  I tried the *228 but no help.  sometimes these messages have already been deleted out of my sent folder.  it's getting old.  Help!

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Re: Old Txt Msg merging to end of new ones?

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This has come up before - search the boards for the word "Frankenstein" - it's a very odd problem and I'm not sure we ever came up with a solution....


**Update:  No solution that I am aware of - suggestions to delete old messages from both sending and receiving phones, pulling the battery with the phone on after the deletions....


Here's the older thread(s) and links


Good luck - and let us know what happens - it seems to be a recurring issue and it would be nice to have a solution.