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Controlling kids Texting

I would like to suggest a way that Verizon can help parents take control back of children and text messaging.  Verizon should consider allowing  user allowance controls (for texting) on plans with unlimited texting.  That way, parents are in charge of their children's texting privileges, without disrupting the unlimited plan privileges of other members on the family share plan.  Those of us with multiple children (all with different habits and levels of compliance) need the unlimited texting, however, WE need to be able to control user allowances for texting of the family share phones on an individual basis. 

If Verizon can permit the user allowance on the talk minutes, certainly there is a way that Verizon can allow parents to take back control of the texting.  Now, we are left with no option but to turn off the phone during set time restrictions- and that is not helping the kids at all learn how to manage their time or priviilege.

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Re: Controlling kids Texting


Welcome to the forums.  I believe you can control the times that your children use their phones (calling, texting, messaging, etc.).  Go to Verizon's Usage Control center here for more information.