4G LTE Network Extender resets transmit power too low

Verizon service in my North Central Phoenix neighbourhood is so fantastically awful that Verizon gave me and my neighbours free Verizon LTE Network Extenders by Samsung.  Yes, service is that bad yet we still pay top dollar.  And NO, after 4 years of collective whining Verizon has done nothing to improve neighbourhood coverage.  I suspect a firmware upgrade was pushed to the extender recently.  The extender repeatedly resets it's transmit power from 100 % where I need it for decent home coverage back down to 50% which gives coverage within almost 25 ft of the transmitter.   Factory reset did nothing to resolve the issue.

How do I stop the forced resets and lock the transmitter power at 100 %?   

Verizon: restrict your answer to a "HOW TO" not a "why do you" or "have you tried a factory reset" or "why don't you move the transmitter"?  Do not suggest I put in a ticket for a site survey.  It's been done every year for the past 3 with no proper resolution from Verizon other than "so what, we gave you an extender".  I do not have the "Automatic Transmit Power Mode" box checked.

Stay on topic.