Where do my old text messages go when I save them?


I had saved text messages from my old phones, but I can't find WHERE they are saved? They were important messages that I saved so that if I needed evidence I would have it. I can see messages I have on my phone currently online, but not older ones I had saved.

Please help!

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Re: Where do my old text messages go when I save them?

Community Manager
Community Manager

Cyparisse, I save tons of messages on my phone that are important to me as well. It's important that we locate them.  I have few questions to help find your old messages. With your previous devices, did you back the messages up to the Cloud? What make/model device are you using? Also, have you checked the Verizon Messages website to see if the messages are there? If not, please click here to check and see if messages are there: http://vz.to/2oFzNvv


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