Cloud content removed with NO Verizon warning after adding military discount in Februarey


I spoke with Verizon to see if I could restore my deleted content and was told NO, that I only had until April to do so. Let me digress.....In May, I purchased a new iphone and went to the cloud to restore content, only to find it was no longer there.

I contacted Verizon, who looked into the matter only to determine that I had initiated a service change in February, which automatically would delete my cloud contact. They apologized that this had not been divulged to me at the point of initiating the service change, and that the window to retrieve the content had passed and there was nothing they could do......

Sadly, the only service change that I had initiated in February of this year was to add a Military discount to my account. Just thought I would share this in case others out there might sign up for a discount and not be told that by doing so, they would lose their content

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