Cloud TroubleShooting feature "Send Logs"

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Hello All

I'd like to let the community know about a feature added to Verizon Cloud a while back for advanced troubleshooting needs, called "Send Logs".
This is available in Android Devices, and opens up a debug Logging feature for a 2 hour window where Cloud will log your actions in a ZIP file.  In the 'About" section tap on "App Version" and then repeatedly tap on the word "Synchronoss" a few times until the toast message alerts you that you are in diagnostic mode.
The purpose is so that if you are seeing an error alert, or a failing backup message, or some other bug/issue/alert that can not be readily resolved, this will allow the support team and development team to examine the background actions and resolve your situation.

This is one of the ways we are adding functions to the product to better resolve action-stopping issues, and improve your Verizon Cloud experience.



Re: Cloud TroubleShooting feature "Send Logs"

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Does the feature work with the default, non-subscription Cloud service?

...Just another VZW customer...trying to offer some assistance...