Add Validated Email Address to Cloud Profile

Verizon Employee

We receive many requests to retrieve cloud content after people switch to another carrier.  Unfortunately, there isn't anything we can do about that once they switch carriers.  Many times people don't remember their cloud content when they start the switch.

Starting June 18th with the 18.3 update to Verizon Cloud, we prompted people to update their cloud profile.  If you dismissed that pop-up without adding the email address, you can quickly and easily future-proof your Verizon Cloud with a validated email address by:

  • going  to the Cloud app,
  • going to Settings,
  • going to My Account and
  • tapping "Complete My Profile"
  • following the onscreen instructions

Once you have successfully validated the email, go back to the My Account section in Verizon Cloud and confirm the menu item now says Profile Completed.

Future-proof Cloud  : While we hope you never leave Verizon, update your Cloud profile now to include a validate email to assist with retrieving your cloud content should you ever switch carriers. 

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