I need internet for my remote viewing for my security cameras. I don't have any way or running a cable or phone line. Will this work for a cobra security system.


Re: Usb-730l


If you need internet for remote access to security cameras then you have one big problem to solve first, the Verizon NAT firewall.

Some cameras offer a cloud based monitoring system.  If so then great, problem solved as the cameras all report back to the centralized cloud service.  

If your cameras do not offer a cloud monitor system and direct access to the camreas are required then the VZW NAT firewall will get in the way.  To work around the VZW NAT firewall you need to use a VPN or pay for a static IP Address from VZW.

If you decide to pursue the VPN option then you need to figure out a way to add a VPN client into your remote camera environment.  Only devices that are on the VPN will be able to see other VPN devices.  You can purchase VPN routers that have built in VPN clients and auto connect to your VPN server.