Verizon Web Site -- Not As Good As Their Wireless Coverage?


I just "joined" what, I kinda think, is Verizon's Web Site?? I'm not trying to be overly cute... but maybe they need to use the people who program the service side, i.e. the ones that keep the Verizon Cell Phone pipe working. By this I mean, I usually have no trouble making or receiving phone calls, or checking my account online, etc.

However.........  In trying to "join" this web site, I kept getting "dumped" back outside the signup program, and also kept getting instructions about erasing my past browser history, etc.  [start of a little sarcasm...] I guess they classify Mozilla as some type of small, reactionary bunch of no-win hackers that actually think they can actually write code for a browser, but in reality really can't.  I only come to this conclusion as I had to make multiple attempts to jump through their cyber-hoops to finally get an account. I was continually getting messages about my browser, their concern for my security (maybe Malwarebytes and Norton 360 are too much of a start-up, new guys on the block, for their liking. Anyway, I finally closed my browser, did several incantations, started up my browser, erased my browser history and finally was able to complete my registration.

I don't want to sound completely negative, but after being accepted into this high-octane community, my first impression is that it's not as intuitive as I hoped it would be. Frankly I found their menu structure a little hard to make sense of, i.e. like where does it say things like, Community... or Discussion or Groups or anything but Shop, Phones, and so forth. Please pardon my taking all this space and not being, perhaps, seemingly appreciative of Verizon's attempt to foster discussion and a general "bringing people together.

Anyway, if I can find my way to a list/group/herd/flock or whatever of discussion groups, maybe my next post or posts may actually help someone. Or maybe I'll actually be fortunate enough to stumble across and read some posts about topics that will make me happy I persisted in finding my way around.

If you're still reading this, thank you for your kind persistence, patience and not thinking I'm a total cyber deviant. If you're some type of Freudian professional, no... all this is not some type of expression that stems from you imagining I had very twisted feelings for my mother. Maybe you did, but not I.

Best to all,