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Request - Make link modification a configurable setting



I know we talked about this before, but something that really bugs me on the community is this new "link modification" feature.  I'm sure there is a more official name for it but that is how I will refer to it for now.  For those who are unaware this feature will take a simple URL and repost it to the forum with special Jive HTML that modifies how the link is displayed.

For example:


is displayed as

MS Outlook / Gmail / Jetpack

While I'm sure there are good intentions behind this feature it takes what is a nice and neat link and throws in the misc <title> from the page.  This discredits the link and makes it harder to assist fellow community members while troubleshooting.  I'm sure we all know the rule of thumb on the internet which is never to click on anything that looks suspicious.

Given a choice I would rather have this feature be completely disabled since I cannot think of a scenario where this behavior is ideal.  However, that may not be possible and I would settle for at least an option under my preferences that allows me to disable it and display links as I intended.  After all, if I want to jazz up a link I can always open the HTML editor and enter my own custom links.

Who is with me?

Re: Request - Make link modification a configurable setting

Not applicable

It is similar to the make a link website - shorten that long URL into a tiny URL or Redirecting where a long URL is shortened to a link that is fully operable.

this technology has been around for many years.

At many websites the huge trailers in a link often get cut off. So the shorter URL links if functional should work but I agree there is a chance for non linking with the Jive shortening.

Good Luck

Re: Request - Make link modification a configurable setting


Link shortening is one thing.  The HP forums have link shortening feature and it works very nicely.  The difference here is that instead of altering the display of the link and injecting the <title> of the webpage all HP does is chop off the link at a certain character limit and replace it with "...".

To be clear, I am not opposed to link shortening.  Link shortening is great and would be a welcome modification.  What I do not like is the dynamic link modification that completely changes how I intend for the link to look.

Re: Request - Make link modification a configurable setting


Not sure if this is new or not but this morning I noticed a new feature.  When posting a link a small popup box appears next to it with some link options.  Of the three choices one of them is "Bare Text" which posts the link as I want.

To modify the Hyperlink:

1. Highlight the link to expose the popup:

Coverage Locator


2. Click the Hyperlink button:


3. Select the Bare URL option:


4. Review the new Hyperlink:

This is an acceptable solution.  I can easily make this change on the fly without having to open up the advanced HTML editor or any other fancy tricks.  Hopefully this discussion helps to benefit anyone else who is not aware of this additional feature.

Re: Request - Make link modification a configurable setting


I have seen that button for a while whenever I posted a link, but since I was on my tablet I haven't investigated it.

I'm most definitely NOT a VZW employee. If a post answered your question, please mark it as the answer.