New Gamification Missions



I have noticed the new gamification missions in my profile.  Kudos for putting some new ones together for us, I look forward to completing them.  I frequent the community but grinding to the next status level would be otherwise very difficult at my current contribution level.  Unfortunately these new missions do not appear to be logging my progress yet.

Is this a bug or have the new gamification missions not yet been activated for the community? 


Re: New Gamification Missions


I would guess they are active. Unfortunately one of the continuing bugs is no points have been counted since the switch. A bug which the CM have not acknowledged yet. At least in my opinion, it is a bug that can wait until the other major issues are corrected. With any luck the point counting gets fixed when the other issues are fixed. But that's the optimist in me. The pessimist side isn't holding out much hope for a quick fix.

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