notes after upgrading OS


1. phone shows more bars in status bar for signal, however signal strength (settings>about phone>status) remains approximately the same (within 5 dBm) as prior to update


2. noticed slowness when backing out of aps, especially messaging.


3. my phone is using a lot more memory than prior to the upgrade.


4. browser is more twitchy when scrolling especially when you get to the end of the page.


5. when the phone is charging it doesn't show the battery level anymore on the main screen (ie when you wake it up)


even after factory reset, the above are still true.




Re: notes after upgrading OS


6. yahoo mail classic is not working.  I can log in fine, I am given the option as I was prior to the upgrade to either install the app or use yahoo mail classic.  I click on the classic link, it keeps refreshing the page.


 7. my unlock pattern does not work the first time unless

     a. I move my finger  VERY SLOWLY

     b. I push VERY HARD on the screen.  

     c. I wait a few seconds after the screen wakes up to start. 


8. Takes a longer time to kill applications and for task manager to update that it has killed the task.