V-Cast Media Manager


Tried to download V-Cast Media Manager to my PC, which has a 64 bit OS.   Apparently,  the V-Cast Media Manager is compatible only with 32-bit OS's?? 


Does anyone know if Verizon has a 64-bit version available???




Re: V-Cast Media Manager


Here is the requirements of your computer for V Cast Media Manager below:

V CAST Media Manager

What are the system requirements for V CAST Media Manager?


The V CAST Media Manager application requires 400 MB of free hard disk space and an available USB port.

Recommended system requirements:

  • Windows Vista or XP Service Pack 2
  • Windows Media Player 10, or higher, for Windows XP and Vista
  • Support is not available for Mac or Linux operating systems at this time
  • Quicktime 7 or higher 

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Re: V-Cast Media Manager


I wondered about that as well. It doesn't tell you anywhere in there that it is only compatible with 32-bit OS's, just which OS's it will work with, and you don't find out that it won't work with 64-bit until you try installing it. Fortunately for me, I run two desktops through a KVM, and one is running Win7 64-bit, the other Win7 32-bit, so I can just transfer the files from one computer to the other, and then just use the one with 32-bit for managing the files on my phone. I know others aren't as fortunate though, and are only running one computer with 64-bit on it, or multiple computers all running 64-bit. It would be nice if there was a 64-bit version of the Media Manager released at some point.