Samsung Galaxy Nexus No Calls or Tex


I got a SGN in July.  The first one I received didn't make calls in my apartment so I returned it for a new one.  The second worked great until two days ago when all of a sudden I couldn't make or receive calls or send or receive texts in my apartment.  It works well everywhere else.  The 4G works at home if I'm using the internet or other apps (even with the wireless turned off) so I'm really confused about what it could be.  Also, I have a 3G tablet and that's working just fine at home.

Any thoughts?


Re: Samsung Galaxy Nexus No Calls or Tex

Customer Support

That sounds frustrating rina421!  I would like to assist.  Have you noticed a change in signal strength at the times you’re having problems making or receiving calls or texts?  Have you tried removing & reinserting the SIM card?  http://bit.ly/PoLyJl  Let me know so I can further assist.  Thanks!

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