Random screen sensitivity issue after 4.0.4 update


I'm curious if anyone else has experienced this same issue with their G-Nex.  Ever since the 4.0.4 update, I've been having random screen sensitivity issues.  More specifically, at random times, I can no longer scroll or swipe through screens unless I push down with a lot of pressure.  This will happen in any app, game, website, homescreen, etc.  It will continue doing this until I put the screen to sleep with the power button, wait a second or two, and then wake it back up.  Then all is well again with the screen, but the problem returns on a consistent basis...sometimes after a minute, sometimes after 30 minutes.  It's annoying!  I baby my phone and never dropped it so it's not due to damage and I seriously doubt it's a hardware issue, especially because this only started happening after the software update.  I never had touch sensitivity issues prior to the update and I made a Day 1 purchase last year.  I have tried two factory resets, numerous reboots, battery pulls, SIM card pulls, etc. and nothing has helped.  I assume Verizon would replace the phone if I showed them the problem in a corporate store?