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Lights Blinking - Bottom 4 Buttons on Phone / Skype Running / Data Usage

A couple times I have noticed the 4 buttons at the bottom of my phone (Menu/Back/Home) start blinking or flashing. Is this the phone trying to tell me something or a glitch of sorts? I know one time I had a text message that I hadn't noticed had come in, the other, I think I had a missed call, but not 100% sure but have noticed it a couple times when a phone call was coming in and then one day, as I moved the phone away from my ear to hang up on a phone call I had been on, they were blinking. No logic or pattern to the occurrences that I've noticed.

And Skype and IM Mobile? I don't use Skype or IM of any kind and understand I cannot uninstall these from my phone like a lot of other applications but it annoys me when it shows it as running as that's just an unnecessary draw on MY battery power. And Tetris? Funny, the only options are a demo version or to purchase it? I mean if I have an app I cannot uninstall, at least give me a decent version to play. And sorry, these kinds of agreements between Verizon and these companies that lock their application on my phone do not entice me to use their app. Its a business practice I don't care for and therefore the last thing I will do is support the business but I rant and digress... So if I'm stuck with this garbage, is there at least any way I can permanently turn off these applications that I cannot uninstall?

And any help in understanding why, if I do not turn on any applications that I have downloaded, that if I have my data on, and sitting on my desk but not touching it, it looks like I access data every hour of every day when I know I'm not even touching the phone? And yes, on the applications I have downloaded, none are set to update automatically and I have the update automatically turned off in the settings on the phone. I can see the few times I use the data, but I'm wondering about all the data usage that shows like .00001kb up to 8 kb.

Any help appreciated!

Re: Lights Blinking - Bottom 4 Buttons on Phone / Skype Running / Data Usage

.00001kb up to 8 kb?  This is very miner data usages, the email client can use more than this just to check for emails.  You have a smartphone that has multiple featured that require data to function and this is why smartphones require a data package.


The phone updates roaming towers data regularly, weather apps recieve weather updates, email checks, sends and recieve emails, mms downloads images and audio files for messages, Google Market checks for apps updates, VVM has to ping network for updates...  There is so many things that a smart phone does that makes data usage a must..


You should expect a level of data usage in the backgroud without your inteaction to keep things working as designed.

Re: Lights Blinking - Bottom 4 Buttons on Phone / Skype Running / Data Usage

yes, you are correct, the phone comes with a bunch of apps that you may never use and can not remove them.


I went a few rounds with verzion several times, they basically say its there if you want to use it.  


yes, you PAID for a phone you have little control over and they FORCE you to run apps (ever notice that skype runs a service that auto restarts if you kill it?).  they say it's a small amout of resources and it's there if you want to use it.  


Like you, I don't want to use it and I want it gone but alas Verizon says I must have it and it must run!



- DM6156Quote

Re: Lights Blinking - Bottom 4 Buttons on Phone / Skype Running / Data Usage

I have noticed my bottom 4 buttons also blink with ED05 and after a factory reset. Sadly this might be related to the "phantom button" presses that people encounter. I am sorry I am not aware of a fix yet except to keep complaining.  I personally do not think new hardware will fix this issue permanently. If anyone has traded out a 2.2 ED05 for another and that problem never came back I would love to hear about it.


I know for a fact prior to the 2.2 update my phone never had this issue and my buttons behaved just fine. After the 2.2 update I started to see this randomly. I can not reproduce it consistently which makes it worse for us.