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I need help.  My contacts pics all show up in my contact list but when someone texts or calls me they do not show up.  How can I fix this???

Re: HELP!!

Are your contacts created in the 'google' address book of the 'phones' address book.


I believe the fix was you need to create the contacts in the 'phones' address book to

have this work.  ( If the contact has a little 'g' its in google, a little red box with a head in it

means contact is in phones address book. )


Try creating one new contact in the phones address book. Add a picture.

Have that person call or text you.  If it then works, that the fix.


Either export your google contact list to the phone, then import back into the phones

address book OR I 'think' there is a way to 'link'  or 'join' contacts. But that I dont

know how to do.

Re: HELP!!

All of the pictures are there but they don't show up in my text messages and don't pop up when someone calls me.

Re: HELP!!
Verizon Employee

Thank you Herbb623 for your suggestion. They are greatly appreciated. 




Are you using any third party application for text messaging on your Fascinate? The issue you are having may be caused by a third application previously downloaded to the device. I suggest you boot the device into Safe Mode.  Booting in Safe Mode will disable all application installed from the Google Market. If successful, SAFE MODE will be displayed in the lower left corner of the screen.


Once in Safe Mode have someone send you a text message to determine if the issue persists. If you see the picture for the contact while in Safe Mode then the issue is with a third party application and you will need to uninstall it from the device. To deactivate Safe Mode, power down and power on the device normally.


If the picture are still not appearing in the contacts when receiving text messages then post back so I can further assist you.