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Fascinate vs Incredible

I'm thinking about using my daughter's upgrade to get either the Fascinate or the Incredible but I'm not sure which phone is better.  I have the Droid right now & have some issues with it freezing up, horrible battery life, turns off on its own & of course everytime I go to Verizon they tell me its normal.  I have insurance on it but I'm not sure that I want another Droid especially since the Fascinate & Incredible look like nice phones. 

I'd love some opinions on which phone would be better to buy.  I really like to go online to Facebook, Myspace, email, banking, etc... I haven't quite figured out how to use all the bells & whistles on my Droid.  I know that I should probably go to the class on Sunday mornings but I always seem to sleep in. 

Thanks for any advice and/or opinions on these 2 phones.  BTW, I was told by a Verizon rep that there would be a new phone in October coming out - does anyone know about this?


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Re: Fascinate vs Incredible

In my personal opinion, Incredible is a better phone due to following reasons:

1. Incredible's OS is 2.2 vs. Fascinate's 2.1. It might not be an issue after upgrade of Fascinate to 2.2 but there is not ETA on when (and if) it will happen.

2. HTC TouchFLO user interface is much smoother running and less bugging than a Samsungs TouchWiz.

3. Incredible has Google search default vs. Fascinate MS Bing.

4. Incredible screen 3.7" is more pocket-friendly than 4" on Fascinate

5. The newgen Incredible SuperLCD screens from Sony (BestBuy carry those now) is higher quality than Samsung SuperAMOLED, matching the resolution of the Samsung, have better viewing angle in sunlight, and better on the battery.


Should you decide to go with Incredible, I would recommend you waiting for a month or so to see a price drop on it as new phones that comes in October to VZW is Motorola Droid Pro and HTC Merge (similar t Sprint Evo).

Re: Fascinate vs Incredible

I just got the Fascinate and I'm really in love with it. To me it's the closest thing to an iPhone without actually having one. The screen is bigger than my Dad's iPhone 3G and it's really vibrant and colorful. I haven' had any issues with it yet I was able to set up my personal email and Facebook. I don't want to use Bing so I took the Bing Search bar off the one Home page and I set my browser to Google. Easy as that. The camera has a flash and is really good quality. I totally recommend the Fascinate.

Re: Fascinate vs Incredible

Go to the one of your local Verizon stores and get some hands-on time with both devices. Then you will get a feel of which device you like best. I have had both phones and I like the Fascinate better. IDK but the incredible reminded me of a chick phone, its just too small for me. Even the Droid1 feels and looks bigger than the INC. I am just so in love with the Super -Amoled 4" Screen on the fascinate. 4 inches is the perfect size for all smartphones. I found it to be a little faster than the incredible. Both phones have great cameras thou. I also found the battery lasts me 4 hours longer than the incredible. To me both phones are great but everyone have their own preferences so go to the store and get yourself familar with both devices and hopefully you decide whats best 4 you.