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Dash mount...

 Well I suppose this is as much my fault for not researching enough, but !! , I bought the fascinate a month ago, and today purchased the window mount , when i get it home it says right on the mount on a very small red sticker about the headphone jack to stereo aux in wont be available for use until the 2.2 update is released !!  I really relied on  this feature after using it for so long with my original droid, ( I am referring to listening to conversations through car radio )... The mount is a Samsung mount !! I think it is very wrong for them to be selling accessories that don't work as advertised !! and no one of the sales people could inform me of that feature not being available, great customer service !!!

Re: Dash mount...

2.2 Froyo Update has Been Coming soon since September .

Very Nice Company to do business with.

They see nothing wrong with treating us the customers this way .

Why would any one ever complain when they are looking out for us.

Can't tell you if car dock work i dont have one.


Don't get me wrong Love my fascinate.

But I got sick of Verizon !

I took my phone to Pageplus Wireless.

Activated it 1200 min 2000 text 100 meg Data 29.95 a month on Verizion Network

I put on 2.2 Froyo and could not be happier

Verizon will never see another penney from me :smileysurprised:

Also switched wifes D1

2-phones 59.90 month 2400 minutes,4000 text,200 meg Data  $59.90

pfff so I don't have Verizon support. Not a Big loss :manhappy:

O and should I run over on data which i don't .15 a meg.

I use wifi when I can.

Re: Dash mount...

I have a generic windshield mount, then I plug my charger into the phone, and use my hands free cable from my omnia 2 to play music through my stereo and talk on the phone when someone calls. I'm not sure the drat to these mounts, they only do what I can right now for a lot more money.