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Battery and Signal

First off Hello everyone. now the reason I came to the board. my phone. Friday 05/17/2013 my daughter had then Samsung nexus I had iPhone 4 I been wanted to go back to android but contract is not up for another year. when I mentioned it to her she offered to switch phones around on the contract being we are on the same contract but we do not live together she is married. any way she did have trouble with her phone the signal bar next to clock stayed gray would not so signal . so Verizon sent her a new refurb Thursday. Friday night we swapped phones I took over the new refurb an she took iPhone 4 we did this on the phone with Verizon and we do have extended warranties with both phones. well ever seen I took it over I notice the signal where I live doesn't get full bars and we are CLOSE TO A TOWER. my main concerned is battery seen I started to use it my battery has drain in 4 hours to 12percent. I have disabled everything I do not use and I turn off Google now and the exchange services still the battery drained the only widget I use is weather bug nothing else. coming from iPhone this is unbelievable how the battery drains I had to charge my phone Sunday 3 times in one day. and to day it died by turned off in 4hrs 58mins. also when I was on the phone with my sister for about 15mins my cell her land line I got a very loud signal sound that came from my phone in my ear while I was talking to her it was very loud for about 34 seconds just a loud screech and this cell is only 3 days old refurb. pretty sure I made a mistake switching with her. and now after research on web about phone and what I read isn't good... pretty sure I'll end up dropped Verizon my bill is 298 to 293 a month and no I'm am not going  to pay for problems with a phone to be  side step around by Verizon. had that with T-Mobile dropped them a week later. my husband's android  phone has been off charger ten hours an some mins an has 60 percent battery left my dies in 4 hours 58 mins.