screen randomly turning on when recieving texts


When I was using the stock Message + that comes with the phone on Verizon, whenever I would get a text and the phone screen was off, it would turn on automatically. this got really annoying as a LED indication that I have a message is more than enough. I even tried turning off all notifications and it was still happening. I switched to other SMS text apps, and it seems to have resolved the screen coming on, but the LED light doesn't light up, so now I wont know when I'm getting messages. Today I have also noticed when not even getting any notification the screen will randomly turn on the lock screen. What is wrong with this phone?

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Re: screen randomly turning on when recieving texts

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Help has arrived! Making sure that we get this mystery resolved is key. What make & model phone do you have? Is the phone software up to date? When did this start to become a problem?

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Re: screen randomly turning on when recieving texts


if you've gone to 3rd party messaging apps, you may have to get in the app settings to select notifications.