request default settings update for s7


So the very first thing I noticed on my brand new Galaxy S7 is that there is no "just once" option when opening apps. Whatever you pick is automatically set to your default app. It used to bring up a window that gave the option to open "just once" or set as default, THE WAY IT SHOULD BE. Samsung, obviously after furious feedback from many users (check out any android community forum and you'll see scores of posts about this) has now put an option in the settings to be able to get that window back. However, of course, Verizon has not pushed that update through yet.

How do we request this as users? Is there an official Verizon forum that they look at and/or respond to?

This shouldn't be that hard, THE UPDATE ALREADY EXISTS we just need Verizon to push it through to us.

Cheers (hopefully)

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