"New" e-mails" That are not New


I am having a very annoying issue on one of my e-mail accounts, it is Optimum if that makes a difference, but I don't think so.  I have the Galaxy S6 Edge e-mail setting at the minimum of 25 to list.  For some reason, whenever I delete an email, the phone likes to go to the bottom of the 25 list and add to it by taking old messages from my email server, and reintroducing them as "new", which they are not.  I never had this problem with my Droid Razor, but do with my new Galaxy S6 Edge. Why? I am constantly being alerted to "new" emails from last year.  And please don't answer that I should delete them from the server, because I never had to do that before from my prior cell phone, PC or I-pads.

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