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galaxy s4


ok. please help me.  im in Android system recovery mode.  Which option should I choose from to make sure I don't wipe my phone.  I have pictures of holidays I need to save.  After having the phone freeze on the battery sign with the frozen round indicater for a day I finally was able to get to this screen.   reboot system now

apply update from ADB

apply update from external storage

wipe data/factory reset

wipe cache partition

apply update from cache

at the bottom it says this


--Appling Multi-CSC....

Applied the CSC-code :VZW

Successfully applied multi-CSC

what does this mean. and what best to choose to save my pictures.   please help thank you

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Re: galaxy s4

Sr. Member

If your pictures are on the SD card, they shouldn't be affected by anything you do here. Just to be safe, you could take the SD card out. However, if your pictures are stored on the phone itself, you definitely don't want to do anything that says "wipe." Beyond that, I don't know.


Re: galaxy s4

Sr. Leader

"wipe data/factory reset" will delete everything off your phone and return it to the state it was in when you first got it

"wipe cache partition" shouldn't erase any of your data, but removing the SD card to be on the safe side is a good idea.  This deletes temporary files and is often done after a system update or when the phone is lagging.  Some folks do this on a periodic basis, others only do it if the phone develops issues.