bad phone!! bad sevice


I have been a Verizon wireless customer for many years and
advised many of my friends to join. I felt at the time they provided the best
customer service and I never had any issues with connection when making and
receiving calls. At this time I HATE Verizon and have been mistreat as a value
customer and want to inform whoever will read. I had the Droid Motorola and had
no issues with my call connection. However I
had to get a replacement phone every 6 months after spending hrs on the
phone with tech support and not able to come up with a resolution. I sent back
many phone and never had any issues until this last experience. I called and
spoke with 2 different manager and got better service from a level 2 tech rep
support, the manager advised me that my replacement phone and the battery was
sent to my employer address. By the end of the day I received the phone only,
called Verizon again for the 3rd time and a day and spoke with a
manager who state she was texting me the tracking number but sent the order
return  number. A waste of time on the
phone and out my day, called back spoke with manager who never informed my
battery was sent to a different address. I never experience speaking with so
many manager that give wrong information just to get you off the phone.  I currently have a Samsung phone which looks
nice but after speaking with a level 2 tech rep state the connect is not as
good as my old phone so now I’m dealing with drop calls and miss calls that
don’t show on my phone that i have for 2 weeks and spend at least 3 to 4 hrs
and got nothing resolved. I’m writing because I have been misinformed with poor
service and required to pay for a cell phone that does not accept all my calls.
Please if anyone know of the corporate office number for me to address my
issues please share. Not a happy customer paying for service or a replacement
phone that was not damaged at my cost.

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