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Why Did My Pictures Get Deleted Off Of My Device?


my phone deleted all of my photos. Won't let me take any new ones, none of my apps will reload, says i'm not connected, when I am, google won't work, What's going on? I went to show a friend a photo couple days ago & they were all gone, along with my downloads, and any other saved data.  I also can't get my email, facebook, instagram, etc. to update. Oct.5 was last email update.  Most of my App, downloaded or factory set, will not work.  I can send & recieve texts & calls. I need to check messenger, it worked last friday.  Phone says i'm not connected, even though i know I'm on WI-FI. The tablet is getting wi-fi. Also i had no G's today when i was at work, always good service there, friends phones were fine. I've done as much trouble shooting i can find to do.  Also won't acknowledge my  sd card thats been in it for a year.  Help do I need new phone? I can't upgrade till June. I have ins., but I can't bring myself to pay $99 for this old phone. ?????

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