When will Verizon fix the global phone data APN thing?


Many of us bought this s3 with verizon is becuase it promised s3 will be a global phone.

Now finally after 6 months of launch, the 4.1 upgrade made it a "global phone" but only for you to use voice and texting when you are abroad and try to save money and use a local sim card.

THERE IS NO DATA! You can not use it oversea as Verizon blocked the function in the 4.1 software to allow you add an APN. And It is purely a software issue and many other phones can do that if not blocked.

I know many folks contacted Verizon already and I just add another sample data here to confirm it. And add one more voice to demand we get what is promised as customer: a True global phone with no blocks and can use voice/text/data with local sim card abroad!

People who share the same experience, needs, and frustration, let post and ask for resolution!!!

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Re: When will Verizon fix the global phone data APN thing?


I have been told by Verizon that it's a bug on the Samsung Note 2 and S3 after Jelly bean. Verizon / Samsung are working on a fix so you can modify the APN in near future.

Verizon didn't intend a deliberate prevention on their part (confirmed by the face Verizon HTC Droid Incredible 2 running android DOES allow you to modify the APN and works perfectly for calls/text/data overseas). I have both so I should know Smiley Happy

Roll on a fix fast....