When Updates break phones, makes you wonder...


I have begun to notice a pattern.  It seems like once I get my phone past the 12 month from purchase mark, Verizon sends out an update that tends to make my device not work as well.   I've had this happen with more than one device.  Do you ever wonder if Verizon or the Manufacturer is purposely creating problems within the phones to make them not work as well so that the customer will simply upgrade their device?

Three times Verizon has pushed out an update without my permission.  Every time it has broken my phone or caused issues.  With the last update in October, I started looking into something other than a Samsung, thinking the maybe the problem was Samsung.  It's not...I am finding the same type of issues with most of the other Android phones, regardless of manufacturer.  This tells me the problem is either Google or Verizon.  Apple phones don't seem to have these types of issues.  However, I *HATE* iPhones so this isn't an option for me.

I'm wondering if it would be helpful to set up a website to track phone issues across vendors, manufacturers, and updates to see if there is a pattern that may or may not be in the consumers' best interest.

Please understand that these are just my OPINIONS and curious concerns.  I don't know if Verizon/Manufacturer/Google is truly or purposely breaking phones with updates in order to push the consumer to purchase sooner.  It's just a thought...

I'd like to know how many people are experiencing a degradation of equipment after an update to the point their phone is nearly functionally worthless. This would be helpful to know as well:

  • What update was it
  • Did you physically accept the update or was it pushed out in a manner that you couldn't decline it
  • What steps did you take to correct it
  • Did you contact Verizon; if so, through what means (store, online, phone support, etc)
  • What did Verizon tell you to do
  • How old was your phone before these problems occurred
  • What was the nature of the problem that rendered your phone functionally worthless (battery drain, reboot issues, etc)
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Re: When Updates break phones, makes you wonder...

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You don't have to install the system updates.  After reading about all the problems the NG6 update caused, I have delayed installing it.  I will keep delaying the installation until I'm satisfied VZW/Samsung fix all the issues it and NK1 have caused.


Re: When Updates break phones, makes you wonder...

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I have the S4 for 18 months and have zero problems with the four updates that have been installed.  As jrh4054 stated above you can delay the installation of the update, but eventually the update will self install to your phone.

The updates I receive are identical to the one get, so there is probably software on your phone you previously loaded that is in conflict with the updates. Except for a couple of news apps, my S4 is completely stock. The more stuff you put on your phone the greater the risk of having problems with updates.  The best way to avoid conflicts is to do a FDR prior to installing the update, then re-set up you phone.  It's a lot of work but is better than wrestling with problems.